Core Values

We Tell Our Story.

God has given us an incredible mission: to tell everyone the good news that He loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with them through faith in Jesus.  We are living proof that God cares, He hears, and He restores.  We tell our story so others will recognize what God is really like and want to know more about Him.

We Invest in the Next.

We align ourselves with what God is doing next, whether it is an innovation in ministry , outreach to the community around us, or setting up the next generation for success.  We prayerfully seek God’s will in the investment of our resources; we want to see the Kingdom of God manifest here on earth, as it is in Heaven!

We Create Unforgettable Experiences.

We want to show God’s love in practical ways that leave a permanent impression on people.  God has shown each of us His incredible hospitality by welcoming us into His Presence and inviting us to Heaven; we want to extend this welcome to everyone who steps foot on our campuses.  By engaging the whole person in our Gatherings, we promote an attitude of worship and wonder in every facet of life.

We take steps together. 

We make the Gospel accessible to everyone by emphasizing the next step we each need to take in our spiritual journey. We believe spiritual maturity results when we repeatedly look in God’s Word for the next step we need to take.  Having people alongside us, cheering us on, walking with us, helps us to reach the finish line! 


As believers in Christ, we are called to FEARLESS  living:

FUN We enjoy every opportunity to connect!

EXCELLENCE We honor God with the quality of our work.

AWARENESS We are tuned-in to the needs of our community.

RELEARN We are committed to continual growth.

LOVE We love God, love others, and love life!

ENGAGE We engage in God’s Word daily.

SERVE We give of our time, talent, treasure and plans.

SPIRIT-LED We align ourselves with God’s Dream for us.